Medical Coding and Billing | Hbay Healthcare


Medical coding is one of the rare industry, people starts their career. Nowadays it will be change. Because the interest of the students, they are start their career in different industry. Medical coding and billing is the best industry to start your career.


Medical Coding Training

    For medical coding training, many institutes are provides medical coding coaching.Choose one of the best institute to study medical coding. Hbay Healthcare is the famous medical coding training institutes in Chennai. To studied in this institute, you will get a job surely. Many students are working in the leading healthcare company.


Career in Healthcare

    To become a medical coder, you must complete the medical coding certification course in authorized institute. Once you complete the certification, there is many medical coding freshers jobs in Chennai. In this institute, they give medical course training like Dha and Haad Training, Cpc training etc. Hbay will prepare the students for industry needs.



Hbay Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

S3, IInd Floor, #70/27,

North Mada Street,


Chennai – 600 004

Call us: +91- 99622-57320



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